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Audition Information:

Audition Forms

All 7th - 9th grade students must audition to participate in the Young Voices Festival. Directors may bring an unlimited number of students to audition. Our goal is to include all students who have prepared their music and have a balanced festival choir.

In an effort to produce a balanced festival choir, directors bringing students to audition should balance your audition group. Please equally divide the treble parts (Sop1, Sop 1/2, Sop 2/Alto, Alto) if there is a divisi in the treble part.

Students are not required to memorize music for the audition. However, all students selected to participate must have their music memorized for the festival. Students must know each piece in the original language at the time of auditions. Singing on a neutral syllable will not be permitted. Auditions will be conducted by members of the Young Voices Committee and/or ACDA officers. Results of the auditions will be mailed to each director by March 1.

4th-6th grade students do not audition for the Young Voices Festival.

Auditions for all 7th-9th grade students for the Junior Mixed Choir will be held Friday February 2 at selected locations throughout the state. Directors may choose which location is most convenient for them.













A non-refundable audition fee of $5.00 per student (school checks only) and the completed Audition Form should be mailed (post marked) no later than January 20. Send one school check for the entire amount made payable to ACDA Young Voices Festival. All fees are non-refundable. Mail to :

Alabama ACDA-Young Voices Festival

P.O. Box

Birmingham, AL 35244

  • Make school check payable to ACDA Young Voices Festival
  • No personal checks accepted
  • Audition registrations are due January 20
  • Complete and enclose the Student Name Lists
  • Attach photo copy of current ACDA membership card.



Shirley Ellison